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Learning Management System

Bluestone Solutions offers flexible support options for managements of all Capacities. Our support options provide you with the best Professional solutions to improve your quality of learning, it reduces the cost of Operations, and accelerate your learning program.​ Learning management systems, abbreviated as LMS a popular buzzword in the education industry which is the solution to deliver a streamlined and integrated learning Environment. It is a comprehensive solution to identify the learning gaps and analyze and automate the data without any human intervention. ​

Bluestone Solutions a15 year old ed-tech provider facilitates educational institutions of all budgets with its outstanding products for effective and engaged learning. Bluestone provides digital assets to your students and offers them a digital platform to perform.​
Bluestone Solutions offers Online Classroom Integration, an online learning platform that allows for live interactions between the tutor and the learners as they participate in learning activities.

The students can interact with the teachers & educators to clarify their doubts and share the essential study materials. Bluestone Solution Software provides you with such easy-to-use interactive online classroom solutions learning for the betterment of students. The dashboard provides fully decked-out document storage, chat, and an online teaching environment.​