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Skill Assessment

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As we are graduating through the 21st century, manpower quality for various functional and operational roles across organisations is fast becoming the most critical aspect before hiring them and running the business successfully. The most important question that comes up the ladder is how to identify "Mr. Right" for various specific roles. Bluestone Solutions can help any organization by providing skill assessment tools for their employees across diverse industry requirements. The tests cover subjects ranging from Skill Assessment, Aptitude and Cognitive Ability Analysis, and Psychometric Evaluation for role fitment.
The Bluestone Solutions Tests cover the whole gamut of the assessment process, including:

  • Post Training Assessment:To help businesses owners and managers analyse the knowledge enhancement of trainees after the necessary training of new employees.
  • Assessment of Existing Employees:To analyse the competency level of the worker and focus on the skill gaps and training needs.

  • The two processes allow Bluestone Solutions to provide a 360-degree assessment of new trainees and the existing workforce. The company also focuses on the bottom-of-the-pyramid or blue-collar workers who have to be appraised for their competency to work in a specific industry. Considering the lack of universal homogenous education across the country, we have designed our analysis to nullify effects of the mixed educational backgrounds of the candidates. Each assessment is easy to comprehend, answer and tabulate. The appraisals are quick and objective which allows the organisation to get the maximum number of tests done in shortest duration.

    The appraisals are customised according to the job role as well as industry needs. We understand the knowledge and skill level for a particular job role in a specific industry will be different from another industry although the role is similar because the end user varies from industry to industry. We create assessment papers that incorporate all necessary question types, which an employer expects its potential workers must be aware of to join the company's workforce. We build custom tests for different hierarchy levels within the same organisation. This allows businesses to get the right candidate for the role depending on their cognitive abilities and industry knowledge.

    Our tests are helpful in testing trainees instructed under various Government of India and Sate Government schemes. We assess the skill levels of individuals trained by enterprises, ministries and departments such as National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Rural Development, etc.

    Our skill assessments are an amalgamation of technical knowhow and industry knowledge supplemented wherever required with custom industry and if necessary, institutional data. Experts with extensive expertise of their domains handle each aspect.